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CRAFT BEER       0,4 l 75 CZK | € 3

Did you know that a craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer  typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries? Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique. Craft beers are stronger than standard ales and lagers.

PILS (Lager)   
Our Pilsener lager is significantly fuller than almost any other lager and is distinguished by its heavier body. Based on an original recipe from 1920s, this lager is unpasteurized and brewed with premium ingredients. Honey-colored with a sparkle, heavy body, rich and long-lasting head. Alcohol content 4,8% vol.

Typical Czech pale draught beer. Our House beer has a wonderfully full and distinctive taste, balance and higher hopping, which makes it taste like a strong lager. Alcohol content 4,0% vol. 

CLUB BEER (Unfiltered) 
This unfiltered pale draught beer was fine-tuned by the brewer’s yeast itself, which provided
the consumers with a chance to fully savour the beer’s bitterer, fuller and even more refreshing flavour. Fine tuned beer needs special care, therefore it is offered only in selected bars. Contains vitamin B and antioxidants. Alcohol content 4,0% vol.

KOZEL (Dark) 
Dark draught beer with made of 4 different types of malts including a dark caramelised malt. This beer has an unusual dark foam. Kozel became the best-selling Czech beer brand in the world. Alcohol content 3,8% vol. 

Our favorite semi-dark beer is prepared from House Beer and Kozel Dark Beer. Mixed half- and-half it has a pure malt caramel flavor delivered from roasted malt barley, balanced with a pronounced hop bitterness and lingering aroma of dark chocolate and lovely caramel. Its darker color has a distinctive sparkling garnet tinge with a rich head. Alcohol content 3,9% 

SHANDY | Radler | Diesel
House beer mixed half and half with lemonade. Despite the low alcohol, keeps fine beer bitterness which combines with the refreshing taste of lemon. Alcohol content 2,0% vol. 


GRILLED TORTILLAS  (Weight of 175 g.)    150 CZK | € 6,00 

Chicken, black beans and cheese combined with a delicious BBQ sauce in a wheat tortilla. Seasonal vegetables
Spicy mixture of pork, black beans and chili pepper jalapeňo in chilli-tomato tortilla. Seasonal vegetables.
A spicy mixture of roasted potatoes, bell pepper jalapeno and cheese wrapped in spinach tortilla. Seasonal vegetables.

NACHOS     150 CZK | € 6,00 

Corn Nachos Chips with chicken de Tinga, beans, cheddar, jalapenos and salsa.
Corn Nachos Chips with shredded beef, beans, cheddar, jalapenos, and salsa.

QUESADILLAS     150 CZK | € 6,00 

Grilled cheddar stuffed tortilla with beans and chicken. Seasonal vegetable.
Grilled cheddar stuffed tortilla with beans and shredded Beef in adobo. Seasonal vegetable.

CHURROS VIVA MEXICO!     100 CZK | € 4,00 

Churros with caramel-chocolate dipping sauce. 3 pieces.
Delicious sugar coated fried dough served with a creamy, buttery caramel or chocolate sauce.



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