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Tuesday | April 25th | 22:00

Tuesday | April 25th | 22:00
The trio of Martin Kratochvil (piano), Tony Ackerman (7-string guitar) and Imram Musa Zangi (percussion) has been a staple of the Prague jazz scene for over 25 years. Their unique sound combines elements of their three native countries (Czech Republic, USA, Iran) with the raw energy of jazz improvisation and the easy familiarity of a half a lifetime of playing together. In their concert you will hear the three go from sweet, melodic openings to highly charged, rhythmically intricate free passages; because their music is so eclectic and has drawn on so many folk and world music roots as well as jazz, it has a way of speaking to people of all ages and musical tastes.

What is it? Music for everyone! We support people to discover jazz and blues music. Jazz Republic is an open and welcoming music club, the only one in Prague with free entry for all visitors during the week.

Please note that an age limit for our club is 18 years and older.


OPENING TIMES: Doors Open at 10pm | Live Show 10.15→11.45pm | Aftershow: Jazz Republic Playlist
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